Hi there!
I am Amy
a photo of me
I’m a UX Designer and Researcher.

I practice research-driven design, and bring a background in accessible design to my approach.

My superpower is developing creative, thoughtful designs...
and my wand comes in the form of a Micron pen
A doodle of an arrow pointing downward to encourage a user to scroll to the content below.
A doodle of a hand holding a smart phone with the Imperfect Foods suggested recipe screen displayed.
Imperfect Foods
A feature to reduce food waste
A doodle of a laptop with a hand on a mouse. The Original Vinyl website with my proposed design is displayed.
Original Vinyl
Vinyl shopping for the novice collector
A drawing of a hand brushing along a railing with braille messages embossed.
Tactile Rail
Coming Soon!
A doodle of a toolbox.
Future Project
Under Construction